The All Activity Park

Addidas’s recently launched P.O.D. System shoe which host of different shock-absorbing technologies developed by Adidas in recent years and these different technologies are being combined together to make something that is greater than the sum of its parts. In celebration of the breakthrough product a conceptual buildings based on the story behind the sports brand is underway. Los Angeles architecture studio Design, Bitches has designed a park called Stomping Grounds which comprises a series of architectural pavilions intended to host different activities. Design, Bitches co-founders Catherine Johnson and Rebecca Rudolph says they hope for spontaneous creation of new kinds of activities to happen which would encourage people to return to again and again. "For example, we combined a skateboarding ramp, a pool and a performance stage together – three elements that are not typically located next to one another”. The park also features a building comprising several rock-like structures with an elevated running track running around the outside. The rock-like building houses a brewery, and a pop-up beer garden that can be pulled out from the structure and unfolded when required.


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