United Peninsula

The United Peninsula is a project that aims to build houses to an influx of migrants into South Korea, following the reunification of North and South Korea. It anticipates more civilians inhabiting Seoul following the removal of the border that had divided the North and South Korea since the end of the Second World War. The project was visualized by The Bartlett School of Architecture in London graduate Natasha Marks where rather than building upwards to increase density, the project aims at creating new residential areas by excavating underground. Marks' goal was to explore how urban densification could be achieved without building skyscrapers. The project would cover all aspects by sinking the current roads and shops to pedestrian street level to give daylight priority to housing. The project would also include resettlement centres - an existing method in Seoul of helping North Koreans adjust to South Korea. She also aims to incorporate botanical gardens, temples, and public walkways.


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