Tree SkyScrapers

A conceptual scheme envisioned by designers Ko Jinhyeuk, Cheong Changwon, Cho Kyuhung and Choi Sunwoong aims to imagine inserting towers within the hollowed-out trunks of giant sequoias in the western US. The project attempts to show a new Architectural approach to human coexistence with nature. Giant sequoias are the largest single trees in the world, with average heights of 50 to 85 meters and diameters of six to eight meters and were chosen not only for their height and volume, but also because their root system which is relatively shallow, meaning that when they start to rot, they can easily fall down. Constructing buildings within the trunks would enable the trees to continue standing. Inside the trees, a structural core would run up the center and an additional lattice-like cage would form an outer casing behind the thick bark. Water would be drawn up from the ground using a system that mirrors the tree's natural collection method. The team spoke of how they designed the project as an antidote to the worsening condition of the environment. "The desire of human has been endless and it is incapable of coexisting with the nature. Crying in agony, the nature seems to fight back with natural disasters all around the world, and it is increasingly visible that the earth is ever more sickened. Now is the time that we need to change, to stop exploiting the nature for selfishness and to start learning how to supplement each other on living," the designers said.

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