Instant City

Designers Beomki Lee and Chang Kyu Lee have designed a scheme to revolutionize the low rise buildings in New York, called Instant City, the designers aim to construct white, modular, grid-like structure built atop existing low-rise buildings. Lack of home ownership in New York City has skyrocketed with more than 75 per cent of residents opting to rent rather than own. Developers often purchase air rights called Transferable Development Rights, or TDRs in New York to construct taller or larger buildings. The real-estate companies can buy unused air rights over adjacent buildings to further develop this project.  The structure would have provision for cubic affordable housing units, combined with public spaces for community-based activities. The designers said "An Instant City celebrates multi-dimensional interaction between habitants and city structure, while maintaining habitants' daily activities within the condition of new urban life. It will also encourage residents to interact and share their culture.”

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