Productive Landscapes

Productive Landscapes is the brainchild of Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts graduate Sean Cassidy who proposes that a subterranean seed bank could be built into the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro to ensure food crops can be regrown after an apocalypse. It would be the first ever seed vault south of the equator. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania was chosen as half of Tanzania's population is employed within the agricultural sector. He spoke of the importance of the seed. “The importance of the seed cannot be underestimated – it acts as the basis for our everyday lives, what we eat, wear, use and without them. It seems crazy to think that this offering is not present in somewhere like Africa, a continent which revolves around agriculture for its livelihood."

 Climate change is already disrupting the ecosystem and if reports have to go by then by the year 3000, the mountain's ice cap around Kilimanjaro could completely disappear. Therefore Sean has devised an action plan for the facility from the present day to the year 3000. The action plan sees subterranean seed vaults embedded in the geologically stable ground in 2025, followed by the construction of a modular building for the agricultural institute in 2030. He believes that Africa will need to draw on these reserves to revitalize its biodiversity which would be around the year 3000.

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