Architecture and Climate Change

One need not specially address the rapidly changing climate scenario of our world. There arose a global consensus on the need to address the very same problem. Nations all over the globe have started initiating their own schemes and tactics to handle this emerging issue. The primary example can be witnessed in the Northern English City of Leeds. A collaborative project between Sweden's 'White Arkitekter' and United Kingdom’s development form 'Citu' has adopted the city of Leeds to transform it into the climate innovation district where they will repurpose an old industrial brown field and create an open green community with over 500 energy efficient apartments.
White Arkitekter has designed the entire neighborhood with the sole purpose of efficiency in their minds. All necessary amenities such as Schools, Offices, Healthcare facilities, Stationeries will all be located within cycling or walking distances. This will also bring about an ample space for the residents to interact with their surroundings and will also give them a bit of solace from the urban heat and pollution. This carbon neutral design also features rainwater collection, solar panels and green roofs. It also houses a Smart home Technology where the heat recovery systems at present on the inside. This is undoubtedly a pioneering approach to house building and most energy efficient apartments you will find on the planet.
Environment friendly, Green Architecture and related innovations are being taught by our practicing Architects as part of our field visits and case studies at Sigma College of Architecture, one of the top Architecture Colleges in South India.