OPod Tube Housing

Due to a rising population, Hong Kong is currently facing a major housing crisis. In 2017 Demographic International Housing Affordability Survey ranked Hong Kong as having the least affordable housing market in the world. To provide a solution to this high demand for accommodation Hong Kong studio James Law Cybertecture envisions ‘OPod Tube Housing’ which is a project that aims for low-cost, stackable micro homes in concrete pipes, which could slot into gaps between city buildings. The 2.5-metre-wide water pipes will be transformed into 9.29-square-metre homes. The interior walls are whitewashed. It has a flat wooden floor and a bench seat which can be folded down to also function as a bed, with the cushions doubling as a mattress. There is also room for a mini fridge, a microwave cooker, a rail to hang clothes from and a stand. The rear part of the pipe is been screened off to form a bathroom compartment with a shower and a toilet. The doors can be unlocked using smartphones. With each unit weighing 20 tons, they can be lifted with a standard medium-sized crane onto a long flatbed trailer, allowing them to be relocated with relative ease.


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