A New Rain Harvesting Method

Tehran based BM Design Studios has proposed a primary school which would collect rainwater on the roofs of buildings in the city of Jiroft, Iran. The concept of this double-layered roof featuring undulations and huge bowls designed to collect rainwater came as a result of hot and dry climates in Iran. Reports reveal that 65% of Iran has an arid or hyper-arid climate, and approximately 85% of the country an arid, semi-arid or hyper-arid environment. The collected rainwater would contribute to the smooth running of the school. It is estimated that at least 28 cubic metres of rainwater could be harvested in this method. The concave shape will allow even the smallest quantities of rain to be harvestable before they eventually evaporate. The proposal also aims for the harvested rainwater to be reserved between the walls of the building to cool the structure.


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