Reflective Viewpoints above World’s largest Glass Bridge

French studio Martin Duplantier Architects has envisioned conceptual viewpoints, each to be made of reflective stainless steel and black storm at Zhangjiajie National Forest Park – the site of the worlds longest and highest glass bridge. The 430-metre-long glass bridge was designed by Tel Aviv Architect Haim Dotan. The bridge was however closed just two weeks later as its popularity led to overcrowding. The bridge has now been reopened. The project plans for the mirrored structure perch on top of quartzite sandstone columns and span cliff edges. Contrasting with a complex landscape, the footbridges will be of pure geometric shapes and will be placed delicately on the carved relief of the sit. The glass panels set into its walkway give up to 800 visitors at a time vertigo-inducing views and photo opportunities of the canyon below.


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