Shanty Mega Structure

Nigerian –born New York based Designer, Olalekan Jeyifous has envisioned transforming the run down dwellings of Lagos, Nigeria into a mega structure. The project rightly termed - Shanty Megastructures aims to transform the shanty dwellings into sleek high-rise towers in the centre of the city. Jeyifous tells the reason he aimed for the project is to highlight the poor standard of living in Lagos – Nigeria's largest city. Another issue that Jeyifous wanted to raise is that parts of the towns have been destroyed by the government to make space for private sector developments and how these areas often have no access to basic infrastructure, including clean drinking water, electricity and waste disposal.

The project would have grand cylindrical towers comprised of a patchwork of materials, including corrugated metal and sheets of plastic. The structures would be linked by a rollercoaster-like network of looping walkways. These are raised above deadlock traffic and planted with greenery, while waterways underneath suggest transportation by canoe.

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