Global architecture firm HOK has envisioned ‘Driftscape’ - a conceptual proposal that calls using drone technology to create mobile pods that can be flown around the world and placed in areas not typically conducive for accommodation.

The scheme calls for two types of modular units. One, called the Driftcraft, would measure approximately 205 square feet (19 square metres) and would contain a guest room for two adults. The other modular unit would encompass 2,500 square feet (232 square metres), and would contain support services and amenities. The transparent pods would consist of polymer walls and a lightweight structural system. It will provide an immersive experience for the guests and would also have minimal to no physical impact on the environment, according to the firm.

“The Driftscape hotel allows guests to roam the plains of the Serengeti, hover over the Grand Canyon or drift through the Pearl Waterfall in China” says the architecture firm

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