Gateway Tower

After the disaster of spending $50 million dollars and still failing to construct the spiralling, supertall condominium tower designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, Global firm Gensler has proposed an alternative skyscraper in the very same location at the waterfront site in Chicago. The new project will be titled ‘Gateway Tower’ and will offer a wide and inclusive range of experiences and commercial opportunities. The building would house a mixed-use program, with condos, rental apartments, two hotels and tourist attractions. The conceptual tower is the same height as the Spire – 2,000 feet and has been conceived with a thin, rectilinear tower that bends slightly as it approaches the ground. The exterior of the glass skyscraper would feature X-bracing. The design is intended to offer a strong connection to the city, lakefront and Chicago Riverwalk. Gensler also emphasized the building's super tall height is necessary in order to draw tourists to the sky deck and referred to the New York's Empire State Building whose observatory collected $92 million (£64 million) in 2012.

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