The Polyhedron Church

Madrid-based architects Daniel Gimeno and Miguel Guitart of Architecture studio ‘Gimeno + Guitart’ has completed a church and parish centre in Tarragona, at Bonavista neighbourhood on a plot adjacent to a plaza in Spain.

The church building, which occupies the most visible part of the site, comprises of a robust concrete polyhedron flanked by a translucent metallic volume and has the walls patterned with angular etchings which also add texture to the otherwise homogenous surfaces. The parish centre extends in an L shape and contains classrooms, offices and residences in the lower half of the building. The courtyard functions as a communal area and allows plenty of daylight to reach windows set behind the parish centre's metal cladding. The church can be entered from the courtyard or through a large opening in the main facade fronting the plaza. The entrances are formed by the void between the two buildings.

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