London’s Wooden Sky Scrapper

A conceptual scheme designed by PLP Architecture and researchers from the University of Cambridge have revealed a concept for London's first ever wooden skyscraper. If the project becomes a reality, it could become London's second tallest building and the tallest wooden structure in the world. The 93,000-square-metre floor plan could materialize up to 1,000 new homes.

While innovation in steel, glass and concrete "revolutionized" building in the 19th and 20th centuries, wood will do the same for the 21st century. Timber is our only renewable construction material and in its modern engineered form it can work alongside steel and concrete to extend and regenerate our cities. The use of timber could transform the way we build in this city.” Said the designers

It is not the first time that PLP Architecture has come up with a revolutionary skyscraper idea. They were also behind the super tall tower composed of three rotated, interlocking volumes in China

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