Cloud Shaped Terminal

Japanese duo Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa and their firm SANAA have designed a small passenger terminal shaped like a cloud for a port on the Japanese island of Naoshima. The designed terminal is for passengers waiting to disembark the island; it replaces an old terminal at the village of Honmura

The project is crafted on a 8-metre-tall form and is modeled on a cloud shape which is made up from intersecting fibre-reinforced plastic spheres. The entire plastic structure is supported by a gridded wooden frame. The terminal also has a semi-transparent form glows like a beacon when illuminated at night.

"We wanted to create something like a landmark for islanders as well as for visitors who visit the island for the first time. With this unique shape, people who are heading to the terminal or people approaching the terminal by ship can easily find the port, even from a distance," said the studio

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