Belgian Architect Vincent Callebaut has proposed plans for an underground ocean city made completely from 3D-printed plastic waste. The project titled ‘Aequorea’ is envisioned off the coast of Rio de Janeiro and it would make use of the plastic wastes that are present and extending over 1,000s of metres below the water's surface. The project also aims to highlight the diminishing land areas and also on the dwindling natural resources available to mankind.

 The complete Architecture would be made from algoplast, an invented composite material made from algae and rubbish. This repurposed material would be 3D printed to create the 1,000 towers, designed to accommodate 20,000 occupants or aquanauts as Callebaut presents it. Food would come in the form of farmed algae, plankton and mollusks, while orchards and vegetable gardens would be grown on top of the conch-like structures

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