The Bamboo City

Beijing- and Vienna-based Architecture studio Penda proposes a conceptual design for a project that aims to create a city capable of sustaining over 200,000 people created over modular bamboo structure. The city would be built from interlocking horizontal and vertical bamboo rods and ideally the entire infrastructure could be completed by 2023. One of the main advantages of the system is that it becomes more stable as more joints are added. This means multi-level structures could be easily created. Structures can also be easily disassembled with minimum wastage, as components can be reused several times.

The architectural studio had previously created a concept for a flexible modular hotel fully having a bamboo framework in the year 2014. Penda then realized the potential to create larger and more complex structures.

The current state of irresponsible city planning, air-pollution and economic crisis asks the Architecture profession to rethink the process of building. We believe that in present times a sustainable way of construction is more valuable than ever," explained Architects and studio co-founders Dayong Sun and Chris Precht.

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