Arc Designs has proposed a viewing platform - Skywalk, and walkway on one of the highest points of the Rock of Gibraltar above an existing WWII military platform. The province once served as a base for anti-aircraft Bofors guns. The project now aims for 2.5-metre-wide cantilevered viewing platform, and walkway with a glazed floor. The platform provides visitors with panoramic views both eastwards and westwards, with Europe and Africa, the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean all in sight. The main steel structure comprises of 18 different pieces, weighing a combined total of over 30,000 kilograms. It also consisted of 750-square-metres of glass panels which reached a size equaling four tennis courts with the largest component weighing approximately 650 kilograms. The entire structure is anchored to the ground with numerous rock anchors, which each support a tensile load of 15 tons. These anchors ensure the structure can withstand the load of the visitors as well as the 93 miles per hour at an average wind speed.

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