The Future Will Just Have to Wait

The Architecture programme at the Royal College of Art has given life to several great Architects and in their long line of achievers, we meet a graduate, Theodorou who proposed a skyscraper that would adopt atlantes and caryatids which are basically sculpted into the forms of huge male and female figures. This project is rightfully called ‘The Future Will Just Have to Wait’ showcases in several visual styles and representations how challenging the next 10,000 years would be for London and its inhabitants. The project is aimed to be setup at Mount Pleasant Mail Centre in London, a site where Architectural style is considered the most important feature of any new building.

"If architectural treasures are the milestones of human progress, our ruined monuments will stand as a testament to our civilisation long after we're gone. This alternative proposition poses the question: if a building can be designed with the premise of standing for 10,000 years, what other generational scale questions will it begin to suggest?” said Theodorou.

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