Valley House

Ukrainian Architect Kostiantyn Kuvika, the studio principal at Plan Bureau has initiated a conceptual wooden residence that features two cuboid volumes rotated at 45 degrees called the ‘Valley House’. Despite its unusual shape, the architect insists that it could easily and more importantly feasibly be built. The entire structure would be built using glue-laminated pine and the facade would be pine planks which would have a waterproof finish. The Pad foundations are also very specific in nature so as to ensure it can be built anywhere.


We were aiming to create a distinctive and memorable Architectural object, which would be economically efficient to construct, highly transportable and installable. The building is not big, but it is functional. Its functional and aesthetic characteristics should allow it to be built in different environments such as valleys, woods and mountains. The benefits of the unusual shape are panoramic scenes from different angles of view, spatial complexity and a distinctive internal space," he said. "Plus, the shape is easily recognizable,” says Kuvika.


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