Artist Bothy

School friend’s artist Bobby Niven and Architect Iain MacLeod has designed the ‘Artist Bothy’, a small cottage that can be transported on the back of a lorry. The project is named after the Scottish name for a shelter. The project is a continuation of the Bothy Project, which the creators initiated in the Scottish Highlands back in 2011 to offer artists' residency space in the rugged, mountainous terrain that dominates the northwest of the country. The cabin has an overall dimension of 12.25-square-metre and a footprint of just 5.5 by 3 metres. The cabin is made of cross-laminated timber covered in sheets of russet Corten steel and Scottish larch. If it cannot be plugged into the mains then it has wood-fiber insulation and a wood-burning stove which would allow the workings to go smoothly.

"The success of Bothy Project showed us how much artists benefited from residencies and access to nature in our bodies, and the continuous demand for holiday stays confirmed that everyone, not just artists, benefited from time in these special spaces," said Niven.


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