Dutch Windwheel

Architecture studio Doepel Strijkers with the help of partners Meyster's and BLOC have unveiled a proposal for a huge circular wind turbine that doubles as an apartment block and hotel, and also includes a rollercoaster. This pioneering project has been termed as the ‘Dutch Windwheel’ and is aimed as a landmark attraction for Rotterdam's waterside. 

The structure will be 174-metre-high and would be framed by two rings – a rotating outer ring made up of 40 rollercoaster cabins, and a static inner ring containing flats, a hotel and a restaurant. The hotel will include 160 rooms across seven storeys, while floors below will accommodate 72 apartments. The wind turbine at the centre is extremely silent and won’t disturb any residents or guests trying to sleep.

The Dutch Windwheel will be unlike traditional turbines that generate energy through the movement of wind-propelled sails and would make use of EWICON technology. It stands for electrostatic wind energy. It makes use of use a combination of wind and water to create electricity.

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