Essence Skyscraper

Polish Architectural designers Ewa Odyjas, Agnieszka Morga, Konrad Basan and Jakub Pudo have proposed a skyscraper containing swamps, mountains, glaciers and a jungle. The project titled ‘Essence Skyscraper’ won the eVolo Skyscraper Competition which is a competition to come up with futuristic ideas for high-rise living.  The competiton was judged by a panel that included architects Massimiliano Fuksas, Benedetta Tagliabue, Richard Hassell , Wong Mun Summ and last year's winner Yong Ju Lee.

The main aim of the project is to bring the natural landscape into the everyday lives of city dwellers. The different landscapes present in the structure would range from rivers and waterfalls to deserts, grasslands and caves.

Away from everyday routines, in a dense city centre, a secret garden that combines architecture and nature is born. The main goal of this project is to position non-architectural phenomena in an urban fabric” said the designers who are collectively known as BOMP.

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