No Shadow Tower

Architecture firm NBBJ has developed the concept for a two twisting towers on a side in North Greenwich, London, that bounce light between them down to a public space that would otherwise be in their shadow. Based on the law of reflection, the panels on the skyscraper distribute light over a prefixed area on multiple times during a day which would in turn reduce the shadow cast by the building.

The entire project is the brain child of NBBJ's head of computational design David Kosdruy, design director Christian Coop and Architectural assistant James Pinkerton. Their research has shown that their proposed reflective panels would reduce the amount of shadow they cast by up to 50 per cent and proposal could be replicated for almost any site in the world. “We like to push the boundaries of what is achievable with design computation by developing new applications like the No Shadow Tower. The No Shadow Tower places public space at the heart of the project, along with human interaction and the impact of skyscrapers at street level” said the team.

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