The Paris Capsule Homes

Paris-based MenoMenoPiu Architects have proposed a string of capsule homes along the edge of the city's main river. The Architects fear that Paris would have the same fate as Rome, Venice, or Barcelona and would become a ‘city museum’ and would therefore make the everyday life less interesting for local residents. There are over 120 museums in total in the city and Paris has the largest concentration in square metres of museums in the world, which makes the worry a serious issue.

The architects aim to use the 9.5 kilometres of unused riverside for their project. They in fact admitted to drawing inspiration from the city's riverside booksellers, as well as from Japan's capsule hotels. The series of raised cabins that serve as a short-term accommodation for commuters or tourists would consist of a metal-framed construction and would also comprise of a bathroom and a single or double bedroom. The structure would also have an amazing view out towards Notre-Dame cathedral.

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