Augmented Skin

Students from Bartlett School of Architecture - Kazushi Miyamoto, Youngseok Doo and Theodora Maria Moudatsou under the tutorship of Daniel Widrig, Stefan Bassing and Soomeen Hahm have designed the project, Augmented Skin which is an experimental technique for creating intricate building components by wrapping sticks in stretchy fabric and using them to cast concrete.

The project involves creating a production technique by making a sturdy framework from intersecting wooden sticks, which are then wrapped in a tensile fabric skin to form moulds for casting materials such as concrete. The mould offers an innate flexibility and the long strings that are called strands can take up any intricate shape and this is easily achieved by altering the size and density of the sticks. This process allows the concrete to be poured without the need for any supporting framework and the long strings provide a reinforcing mechanism as well.

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