The Endless City

Endless City is a conceptual 300-metre skyscraper that has been imagined in London. It is the brain child of Chinese firm, SURE Architecture. The proposal also won the competition that envisions a futuristic skyscraper that could house an entire city.

The designers claim that the building could accommodate residential communities, businesses, schools and shopping areas, and even "huge parks" and public plazas. This is setup so as to develop London both horizontally and vertically. The project is designed so that there is a general continuity from one floor to the next. It also consists of two ramps winding around the exterior of the structure rising gradually with a low gradient from the ground floor to the sky. It also consists of tubes that could be used for lifting structural elements to the top of the 300-metre structure, allowing the skyscraper to be made ever taller, if necessary and its layout is in such a way as to maximise passive energy use, with minimal reliance on artificial lighting and mechanical ventilation.

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