The Electric Strawscraper

Swedish studio Belatchew Arkitekter envisions transforming the 86-metre-high Söder Torn, which one of the tallest residential towers in Stockholm into a wind farm by covering it in thousands of electricity-generating bristles. Söder Torn was designed by Danish architect Henning Larsen way back in 1997 but walked away from the project after planning compromises caused the building to lose 16 of its intended 40 storeys. But today, Belatchew Arkitekter aims to add these lost 16 storey extension over the top of the building and then covering the entire structure with piezoelectric plastic straws which are designed to move with the wind. The advantage of piezoelectric technology is that it can convert motion into electricity and achieves the same without the noise and other environmental problems of a typical wind farm. The new proposals would also introduce a restaurant between the existing apartments and the new wind farm.


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