Asian Cairns

Belgian Architect Vincent Callebaut has proposed a conceptual city for urban China that follows the rules of the natural world. The project entitled ‘Asian Cairns’ imagines designs for a series of six ‘farmscrapers’ with stacks of giant pebbles housing entire communities and aimed for zero carbon emissions which means in order to conciliate the economic development, the towers need to produce more energy than it consumes. All the food and commodities needed for each tower would be produced from there itself and anything produced would be recyclable. Not to mention all residents living in the tower would work there, thereby reducing the need to travel.

 Reports claim that by 2030, 75% of the total population in China is expected to be living in the city due to massive unrestrained acceleration of the urbanization and the challenge would be to create to create a fertile urbanisation with zero carbon emissions and with positive energy. It is under this light that this project has been visualized

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