The MOSS Space

Micro Office Systems Space, called MOSS for short is a self-contained auxiliary office unit designed by Victor Vetterlein for the sole purpose that employees can make use of this to work from their home.

The octagonal four-metre-long prefabricated unit is designed to be bought up by companies so that they can be sent to employees back garden so that they may work from the comforts of their home.

 The unit will be transported on a flatbed truck and can be bolted down onto concrete foundation pads on site. Its exterior aluminium shell would provide basic protection from the climatic difficulties. At the same time, the interior is soft, warm and welcoming even though it is modelled after a bunker – style interior design. It would make use of solar panels on the roof to provide electricity. The model can also be expanded to fit a portable toilet, a small kitchen and even a waste water tank.

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