The Floating Airport

Architecture firm, Gensler has released a conceptual design for a floating airport. The project is aimed to be constructed in the Thames Estuary, London. The airport would be called ‘London Britannia Airport’ and unlike previous projects this will not involve pouring earth into the river for land reclamation but would have four floating runways tethered to the seabed and departure concourses leading to underwater rail tunnels. If the project becomes reality, then it would be the world’s most innovative infrastructure development this century, while reducing environmental impact, cost and disruption to London. The project also offers immense flexibility as the platforms that form the floating runways can be taken for maintenance if needed and the entire project is designed in such a way that it can accommodate up to 6 such runways.

Gensler creative director, Chris Johnson said: “This is a once in a century project that will build on the capital’s reputation for innovation and creativity and provide a new symbol of national pride. This is a fantastic opportunity to rethink the problems created by a redundant 20th century airport model and provide a genuine 21st century airport that creates a new standard for the world, minimising nuisance and maximising environmental benefits.”

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