Tornado-Proof Homes

House by Architects, 10 Design has designed a conceptual house that would keep itself safe in the case of tornados and violent thunderstorms. The house would make use of a series of hydraulic levers that would be used to keep the model moving up and down. The structure would be tucked in the ground similar to that of a turtle and would keep away from any and all dangers. Once the house is secured, a watertight seal would wrap the structure to protect it from intense winds and thunderstorms. It would also make use of photovoltaic cells that power the hydraulic mechanisms and can directly harvest fuel from the polluted air. 

The designers believe that there is an urgent need to take into account the destructive forces of nature and develop humanity in a manner to keep them safe from these hardships. That we should strive to turn these destructive and violent acts of nature as a creative bloom.

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