Milan's Design Studio, Mandalaki has associated with American company BoutiqueHomes to offer a 27 square metre, Monocabin. This Italian-made prefabricated home contains a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and living/dining area. This ready to use micro home recently became available for purchase in Europe and the US. The project aims to simplify the process of designing and constructing a small home in an extremely eco-friendly manner to minimise environmental impact, from construction to energy consumption, throughout its life. The parts are fabricated and later assembled on-site by a team of specialists. The walls are made of a combination of fibre-reinforced concrete, plywood and drywall with the insulation made of hemp. The home's components are shipped by truck within Europe and by boat to the US. Assembly takes seven days. The cost for a basic Monocabin M is $45,000 (£35,339). The first Monocabin (pictured) was constructed in Rhodes, Greece, as a vacation rental owned by Mandalaki.

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