Copenhagen Islands

Australian Architect Marshall Blecher and Magnus Maarbjerg from Danish design studio Fokstrot have come up with the idea to create an artificial island in Copenhagen harbor. The 20-square-metre floating island is complete with a single linden tree. The island was constructed by hand in a boatyard in the south of the harbor. Right now the platform is used as a resting place for kayakers, swimmers and surfers. They make use of the man-made island for several small functions such as for sunbathing, fishing among others. The real aim of Blecher and Maarbjerg is to have nine islands, each with different unique functions which include a diving board, a small stage, a sail-in cafe, a mussel farm and a sauna. The first stage of the project was funded by the Danish arts fund (Statenskunstfond) and Havnekulturpuljen.


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