The Hour Glass Project

London-based Architects Studio McLeod along with consultants Ekkist has designed a flying house which would allow people to move between cities and the countryside using hot air balloons. The project won second place in the Dezeen x MINI Living Future Urban Home Competition, which called for proposals for how people could live in 100 years’ time.

In an attempt to reconnect back with nature, the designers have developed a home where humans go back to being nomadic but with all the comforts of one’s home. In urban areas, the houses would dock to a megastructure which would also provide an opportunity for the community and social interaction between neighbours. The other added features that the house would have are an LED skin which would have the ability to change its appearance on demand. This LED skin would also function to be transparent from the inside to allow residents to look outside without impacting on their privacy. The house would also feature an intelligent flooring system made up of a series of motorised pins, which could rise to different heights to take the shape of furniture. 

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