From Fire to Resurrection

Oslo-based Architect Espen Surnevik has designed a replacement church in the Norwegian village of Våler for the 19th-century church that was initially designed by Espen Surnevik which had lost to a fire in 2009. The design is such that the main entrance is directly aligned with that of the original 1860 building and it also has the low wall that traces its outline in the graveyard. The design also replicates the projecting oriel openings in each side as the old church's cross-shaped form. The roof structure allows for openings that allow daylight to flood into the worship spaces. The openings would only appear as vertical slots when viewed from outside but internally it mirrors surfaces to reflect the light in a pattern resembling a sunburst. The entire building is constructed from boards of heartwood pine which is the material most commonly used for any local construction. The entire floorplan is organised in four quadrants with the main hall and baptistery flanked by a communal area and administration spaces

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