The Rotterdam Post Office

New York-based Architecture firm, ODA has revealed plans to transform Rotterdam's former post office by constructing a 150-metre-high tower. The post office present in the central space of Coolsingel district is one of the only standing structures to survive the Rotterdam Blitz in 1940 making it a very significant historical landmark. The original construction dates back to 1916, and included a 22.5-metre-high vaulted Great Hall. The 58,000-square-metre building will be made accessible by two existing street-level entrances and lined with shops, galleries, restaurants and cafes. The internal courtyard would also have a 43 storey tower where the former post office building stood. The building would be characterised by columns with spacing that mirrors the facade of the existing building. The building will have a variety of different sized windows and openings, designed to funnel daylight into the tower.

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