The Tower Farmhouse


The Architecture studio of Penda co-founder Chris Precht and his wife Fei, known as Precht has designed a farmhouse where residents would produce their own food from vertical farms. It is very evident that city dwellers have forgotten how to produce their own food and it is in light of these events that Precht has visioned such a project. The design would allow people to grow food in residential tower blocks to eat or share with their local community. The structure would comprise of different modules each having a specific purpose and or need such as hydroponic units for growing without soil, waste management systems, or solar panels to harness sustainable electricity. Each module wall would, in turn, be made of three layers:

•          An inner layer, facing the home interior, would hold the electricity and pipes with the surface finishes.

•          A layer of structure and insulation would form the middle layer

•          The outside layer would hold all the gardening elements and water supply.

The ground floor would have an indoor food market and also a root cellar for storing food in winter and composting units for turning food waste back into growing material.

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