Modular Housing in Berlin


Danish Architect Sigurd Larsen aims to design a modular housing system on top of a 270-metre-long apartment building located between the neighbourhoods of Kreuzberg and Mitte in Berlin. The aim of the project would be to encourage social diversity amongst the rooftop's residents and also to allow the residents in the apartments to make use in the public lawn and spaces between the modular houses so as to promote social cohesion. The modular homes would be based on a wooden unit that can house single occupants or even couples and plug-in modules are available by which two or more bedrooms can also be added. Each unit would also incorporate a large window that also showcases the views of the Berlin skyline. The project would, in turn, solve another emerging problem within the city which is tackling its growing population. A prototype of the same is expected to come up in the summer of 2019.

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