The Floating Icebergs

Architect Frank Gehry has designed office buildings for renowned entertainment establishment Warner Brothers Entertainment that resemble icebergs floating along the freeway. The 74,000 square meter complexes currently being planned in the Burbank media district. The city of Burbank has been transformed into a hub for major media and entertainment companies since the 1920s. The project is now nicknamed Second Century Project and will be erected opposite to the current Warner Brothers Entertainment headquarters located at the Ventura Freeway. The building hopes to provide the company additional production office space, mill building, and a commissary.

The right aesthetic design between the glass and concrete give an amazing lifelike iceberg feeling. The designers claim that an establishment as rich as Warner Brothers most definitely should have an office as unique as the current design. Gehry was a legend in his own right and his firm has accomplished equally impressive projects in their portfolio.

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