Architecture, Technology and Sustainability

Sustainability as a concept is an overarching concern that addresses the increasing impact of any designer’s intent. This can only be achieved through the close association with technology. All definable styles of Architecture throughout history have, in one way or another, been a reaction or reflection of the events, lifestyles and technologies of their time. It can be clearly seen in its influence over Churches, Mosques and Monasteries that still stand today. As new technology started rising up, it allowed greater innovations in building design, having a lasting impact on the social attitude around the built form and its meaning as well. The developments in concrete and steel allowed for the creation of an aesthetic that derived beauty from pure functionality. It is almost assured that a revolution that is based on balancing the energy demands of our society with the energy resources that are inherently sustainable?—?Solar, Wind, Gas & Hydro is imminent. It is the roles of Sigma College, one of the Top Architecture colleges in South India to cultivate this thought into the minds of the future designers.