The Quadrant House

Katowice-based Architect Robert Konieczny has designed the Quadrant House which has a moving outdoor living space that pivots and docks with rooms on either side of the garden and tracks the sun's movement. This kinetic architecture has been constructed by the firm where they designed an ark-like house with a drawbridge and sliding walls.

The Quadrant House has been named after the device used by astronomers to determine the position of the stars. The part of the building that is in motion rotates between the living area and the spa. When it docks in the interior space it creates an open-air extension to these rooms and also makes this transition seamless. It contains a terrace that is permanently shaded as it moves to follow the sun. The path for the motion has been laid out in the garden and the natural motion of the motion allows for the natural grass to be able to grow.

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