The Minion House

Austria based Architecture studio Precht, co-founded by husband and wife team Chris and Fei Tang Precht has designed a conceptual modular tree house shaped like the single-eyed character from the film Minions. Minions are the tiny yellow henchmen with limited vocabulary who are identified with their extremely distinctive eye-goggles. They first appeared in the computer-animated children's comedy film series Despicable Me and later went on to have their own movie. The project is titled ‘Bert’ and it aims to be a part of the tiny-homes startup in Baumbau. The structure is made purely from wood, with leaf-like shingles to help it blend in with a forest setting. It rests on a circular base and houses all amenities including kitchens, living space, bedrooms and bathrooms all of which will be stacked over and around tube-shaped modular cells like the limbs of a tree branching out from the trunk. These modules can be self-contained arrangements which can be transformed spatially.

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