Toronto Tomorrow

Sidewalk Labs, a subsidiary of Google's parent company, Alphabet has imagined to overhaul the entire eastern waterfront of Toronto into a future city. The project titled Toronto Tomorrow aims to turn a parcel of the city's waterfront into a futuristic city. The initial stages of construction were designed to be the entire eastern waterfront but now the project focuses on just two neighborhoods in the city, namely Quayside and the western part of Villiers Island. The uniqueness of the project includes being the first neighborhood built entirely from timber. The design of the timber structures for the project has come from several sources but the most likely to be finalized includes the designs from Thomas Heatherwick's British design studio or Snøhetta. The outdoor spaces would employ various features such as curbless street design, wider sidewalks, wayfinding beacons, heated pavements, and accessible ride-hail vehicles among many more. While the buildings, themselves will be designed to be able to adapt to a variety of weather conditions.

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