Clover Hill Residence In Rural New York

A 19th century masonry building has been demolished by American studio Ravi Raj Architect to create a modern weekend home for a couple of urban residents in New York, U.S.A. This residence is housed on a forested hillside in the town of Somers that is located about an hour’s drive from Manhattan. The clients wanted to use the building as a country house. It has a gabled roof and two levels that cover an area of 3,250 square feet.  The original features of the house such as thick brick walls and rough timber supports were kept during the new renovation. Single-pane windows were removed and replaced with larger and more energy-efficient apertures that let in more sunlight. Internally, the home’s layout was inverted. For instance, the ground floor – which earlier had a kitchen, living room and dining area– was now converted into a bedroom and family room. The new public area gets an airy feeling with the help of lofty ceilings and an open plan. Materials like charred-oak paneling, pine floorboards, and a white plywood stair were used throughout to showcase the interplay between new and old.

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