Can Of Ham Built In London

A curved high-rise building –popularly known as the “Can of Ham” owing to its distinctive shape– has been built in central London at 70 St Mary Axe by Foggo Associates. This 90-metre-tall block is officially named the 70 St Mary Axe and contains 21-storeys. It also contains 28,000 square metres of office space on the upper 20 floors above 430 square-metres of shops on the first, ground and basement level. This building also has an arched profile, along with two curved exteriors and flat ends that create a distinctive shape which resembles the shape of ham tins, from which it got its nickname.

The common misconception about the Can of Ham is that due to the funny shape of the building, the floors must be oddly shaped. However, it is not true as every floor is a perfect rectangle, despite its differing sizes. The building is also entirely covered with a series of light-bronze-coloured anodized aluminium fins that reach the curved exteriors and wrap over the top of the building.  The top of the tower has glass panels that are replaced with a mesh to give it a continuing surface and hide the building’s plant.

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