Axiom Desert House Constructed in California

American Studio Turkel Design has constructed the Axiom Desert House by using prefabricated components in southern California. Located on a quiet site in Palm Springs, this low-lying house is inspired by the mid-century modern architecture that is found throughout the desert city. It is L-shaped in plan and spans over 2080 square feet. It has rectilinear volumes that are organized around a swimming pool. It also features a post-and-beam structure that has prefabricated wall panels. On the inside, there are also different zones for living, sleeping, and working. One side of the house is lined by a master suite, while the other side is a den and kid’s bedroom. There is also an office and open-plan public zone at the center of the plan. More sustainable materials were used while building the house that includes thermally treated ash ceilings and poplar wood cabinets.

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