The Birth of an Architect


Last night, after a tiresome day I came home to see my 8 year old son sitting on

the floor with a mountain of lego brick and a sad expression on his face. I asked

him “what’s the matter son?” he said that he wants to build something but has no

idea what. He apparently finished all the pictures that comes with the set and is

now stumped on what to create next. This creative block or a creativity struggle is

something every Architect goes through in his professional career at least once.

Some overcome it real quickly, aspiration just seems to punch them in the face

every morning while for others it may take years while others simply stop looking

for their creative side and simply construct what their client intends without

putting down their own signature.

Here at Sigma College of Architecture, one of the top Architectural colleges in

South India we aim to keep our students motivated and keep striving for their

creative side.