Architecture Trends in 2021

2020 has been a year that forced us to stop, and rethink life as we knew it and this has affected every aspect of our lives. Architecture too has been impacted and here are the major trends that stand out in 2021.

Prioritising health through design

With the focus shifting to well-being and immunity-boosting activities, there is a growing demand for residences and offices that promote a healthy lifestyle. Sanitation, natural ventilation, more open spaces are what people are looking for.

Multifunctional spaces are in demand

Multi-purpose spaces are in demand when compared to traditional commercial offices. Spaces that account for easy customisation are in huge demand. With more people staying indoors, the demand for open spaces is on the rise. Homes are being designed or renovated with an open-space kitchen, living room, and a combination of either dining room and bedroom as well.  

Tech-savvy homes

Imagine being able to remotely control an array of automated home electronic devices by entering a single command through a mobile phone or internet from anywhere.  Wouldn't you go in for it? With an array of smart home devices to pick from, tech-savvy homes are here to stay. And they sure do make life a lot easier.

Minimalism is back

Sleek lines, functional units and elegance are the hallmarks these days. The concern over climatic conditions and the sustainability factors also play a huge role in architecture this year.

And with interior design, these are the emerging trends. Nature-inspired designs and patterns will rule the interior design trends in 2021. Warm and earthy tones will rule the roost. Contemporary and artisanal Furniture will be in vogue. Personalization and Self-Expression will be one of the main demands of the homemaker.

Keep a lookout for these trends - because they will be so evident in the coming years too.