Architecture Plans for Micro Apartments

When it comes to big cities, space is one of the major constraints. And it is here that micro-apartments are the new fad.  A micro-apartment is defined as a small, self-contained, single-occupancy apartment, typically located in an urban area. They are purpose-built and are gaining grounds in cities across the USA, parts of Europe and Japan.

These units include spaces for sleeping, a kitchenette and a bathroom. Space-saving furniture, such as built-in beds that double up as stands, folding desks and tables and hidden niches for appliances are what makes these units unique.

It is a challenge to design and plan for these micro-apartments - but then that is what makes things fun.

Vertical space

The key is in maximising the vertical space. Think lofty sky beds, small nooks and storage spaces overhead. And literally, the ceiling becomes your limit. Think of a small staircase with storage spaces along the steps, think of small nooks and shelves along the way and you have a winner.

Multifunctional furniture

When you are thinking of micro-apartments you must think of multi-functional furniture. Foldable beds and desks should be what you invest in. It is ideal to invest in an all in one storage unit.

When you plan for a micro-apartment there are certain design elements that you have to look out for.

 1) Maximising the living space

 2) Ventilation

 3) Functionality

Most micro-apartments fall within a space of 30-square-meters and the aim is to maximise the living space to prevent you from feeling claustrophobic. Space-saving is the key.